Medicare1st  Services

Medicare Advantage Plans


Medicare Advantage Plans usually include extra benefits and services beyond what Original Medicare offers and CAN reduce out of pocket costs. Some of the extra benefits may include:

* Fitness Programs

* Zero Premium Plans Available In Some Areas 

* Erectile Dysfunction Meds Available. ED.(New)   

* Vision & Hearing added coverage

* Dental Added Options

* Health Telemonitoring (New) 


                    Medicare Supplement Insurance

  Medicare supplement Insurance plans-"Medigap Plans"- are

health insurance provided by private insurance companies. You

may purchase to go with your original Medicare to help cover

some of the cost Part A & Part B don't cover. These plans give you

more options to chose your doctors,there is no provider network.

                                                  Medicare Prescription Drug Plans


Part D is only available from private companies, and must offer at least the basic benefits required by medicare.

                   Late fee may be added if not covered in time.