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Medicare- the basics


*Medicare is the the largest health insurance program run by the government.

*US citizens and legal residents 65 and older are eligible for Medicare,

*People with disability and end-stage renal failure may qualify for Medicare.

Medicare is run by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). 

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Medicare- the Parts

Part A & Part B are Original Medicare and offered by the government.

Medicare Part A: is hospital insurance. Helps cover some hospital costs, skilled nursing, home  health and hospice care. 

Medicare Part B: is medical insurance. helps cover some doctor visits, out patient care and preventive services. and some coverage like occupational and physical therapy.

Medicare Part C: is Medicare Advantage, offered through insurance companies.

       helps cover some cost parts A & B don't cover. It often offers other services like vision,

hearing and dental.  


         Medicare Part D: is Medicare Prescription drug Plan, Offered by insurance and other private companies.