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  • As employees turn 65 they qualify for Medicare

  • Employees can apply for Medicare Part A (hospital Coverage) while still working

  • They need to apply for Medicare Part B (health coverage) when ready to retire 

At Medicare1st we focus on providing Medicare Support to Human Resources and education to employees turning 65 or going into retirement choose the right Medicare Health Plan.



Medicare Plans for Individuals/Spouses eligible for Medicare/ 65 year or older

Individual Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage Plans are available, some with Zero monthly premium in some areas.

A variety of Medicare Health HMO and PPO plans available/ Medicare Plans  and benefits vary by county.

Medicare Group Plans/ Medicare Supplement Insurance offer many Retirement benefit advantages to Employer groups including:


Cost savings- Potential cost savings compared to typical retirees coverage.

Extra protection for retirees/ spouses from Co Pays and deductibles.

Plans are guaranteed renewable and provide coverage nationwide.

Flexible contribution levels- Employers have the freedom to cover all or a portion of the premium costs.

Administrative ease- Employers will receive a single bill for all the premiums due. Claims and billing of retirees/spouse are all handled by the provider.

Affordable, Stable rates- While varying by specific plan, state and year.

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